In 1888 in Plomari Dimitris Giamougiannis, keeping the shipbuilding makes wooden ships from pinewoods of the area. With three or four helpers, were walking the slopes from Akrasi to Karagatsi in order to choose, to cut and carry the sea pine wood that was suitable for the construction of the boats, the light-fast sailing boats, the ships.
The orders became more and more, the shipowners used to visit Giamougiannis' shipyard so as to order their new boats and ships.
The commercial boats that used to be constructed in east Mediterranean at the end of 18
th and till the middle of 19th century were usually sailboats due to the good conditions of commerce development.
Even thought the wooden ship construction has not stopped, the signs of decay and decline are obvious in the end of 19th century. The point is that in that period in Giamougiannis' shipyard a lot of ships are constracted as the photos reveal, the contracts e.t.c.

The art and the secrets of woodcurving from Dimitris Giamougiannis are transferred to his kids Kostas & Ioannis Giamougiannis. Nowadays the business owner is Doukas Giamougiannis, grandson of Dimitrios Giamougiannis and son of Kostas Giamougiannis, and continious the art of his grandfather, constracts wooden ships,
boats and light fast sailing boats.

We have to say that many of the tools that Dimitris Giamougiannis used to make his boats there still exist to the new building of Dimitris Giamougiannis and decorate the walls. It is certain that the tools combined with the new buildings is certain that will help the new crafman to keep the familie's tradition.